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Book "Bali en Lombok" in three parts by W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, 1906
Limited edition of 400 copies. This book has numbered 24. Ex-libris; Jan Veth First major publication about prewar Bali

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Privately published book of a journey on Bali by M.B. van der Jagt in 1921. Published by the author in The Haque 1937. 42 pages with numerous black-white photos

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Lukisan dan Patung Kolleksi Presiden Sukarno/Paintings and Statues from the collection of President Sukarno of the Republic of Indonesia. Compiled by Lee Man Fong Printed in 1964 by Toppan Printing.
Nice and complete set. Should be in the collection of every serious Indonesia collector. Because of the high quality paper, every book is very heavy, hence the protection of the carton covers. De first 4 parts cover the immense painting collection of former president Sukarno, the last book(5) covers the statues and caramics (Chinese porcelain)

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Early tourist brochure for East-Java, Bali and Lombok. 1914 Photos by famous photographer Kurkdjian.
This old brochure must be one of the earliest travel documents for Java and Bali. Small format, easy to put in a jacket or pocket. With many photos from the well known photographer Kurkdjian. After some general information about territory and hotels, detailled descriptions of day trips and excursions.

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Rare photo-book about Bali, Java and Sumatra; "Camera Pictures of Sumatra,Java& Bali" by K.T. Satake. Distributed by Satake himself. Printed by Hood&Co Ltd, Middlesborough
Very rare photo-book which gives the reader a good impression about life and nature in prewar Dutch Indies. With 13 colour photos, 88 of Sumatra, 293 of Java and 124 of Bali.
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