Art from Bali and Indonesia
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TOBO-00003Click for more infoSitting balinese man with fighting cock and bottle.1940-1950Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00006Click for more infoGamelan player.1940-1950Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00008Click for more infoOld balinese man with spade and balinese satchel. Wooden sculpture made on Bali probably before 1960.1950-1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00009Click for more infoTemple guard.1920-1930Woodcarvings - Pre WarVery good quality
TOBO-00012Click for more infoStanding balinese woman with a duck on the base.1950-1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00015Click for more infoLegong-dancer.1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00017Click for more infoTwo birds with their prey in their mouth.1970Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00018Click for more infoBookends of praying men.1930-1940Woodcarvings - Pre WarVERY HIGH QUALITY
TOBO-00020Click for more infoBookends of Birds picking up an egg.1940-1950Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00021Click for more infoBookends of Birds feeding their young ones.1940-1950Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00028Click for more infoFlute player standing on a deer.1940-1950Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00042Click for more infoWooden sculpture of a farmer working on the land. Made on Bali.1940-1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00046Click for more infoMother and child sleeping.1950-1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00055Click for more infoBox with animal-flower-wayang pattern. Used for a bible. Made on Java.1930-1950Wooden BoxesVERY HIGH QUALITY
TOBO-00063Click for more infoLunar eclipse1960-1970Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00064Click for more infoSitting balinese woman.1940-1950Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00071Click for more infoSea mermaid.1960-1970Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00076Click for more infoStatue of a temple made of wood.1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00085Click for more infoWooden statue of a priest and his servant in the shape of a monkey.1930Woodcarvings - Pre WarVery good quality
TOBO-00093Click for more infoAlbum with old picture postcards of Bali (1920-1930).1920-1930Photo's-CardsVERY HIGH QUALITY
TOBO-00103Click for more infoLittle dragon.1960-1970Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00107Click for more infoGanesha with his holy book, escaping from his mother, the goddess Uma, in the shape of Durga, because she wants to ask him to help.1940-1950Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00116Click for more infoBeautiful carved wooden panel.1950-1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00125Click for more infoBeautiful ashtray, wood, made in the dessa Mas, Bali.1960-1970Original Works of ArtVery good quality
TOBO-00129Click for more infoCarved bone.with wooden base1930-1940BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00130Click for more infoCarved bone.1930-1940BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00131Click for more infoCarved bone.1930-1940BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00132Click for more infoCarved bone.1930-1940BonecarvingsVERY HIGH QUALITY
TOBO-00133Click for more infoScene from a mythologic story.1940Woodcarvings - Pre WarVery good quality
TOBO-00142Click for more infoCarved bone.1940-1950BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00152Click for more infoLying balinese man and woman.1950-1960Woodcarvings - Post WarVery good quality
TOBO-00155Click for more infoBatuan drawing/aquarel.1960-1970Paintings, Drawings and PrintsVery good quality
TOBO-00157Click for more infoCarved bone.1950-1960BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00158Click for more infoCarved bone.1950-1960BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00159Click for more infoCarved bone.1950-1960BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00160Click for more infoCarved bone.1930-1950BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00161Click for more infoCarved bone.1960-1970BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00162Click for more infoCarved bone.1950-1960BonecarvingsVery good quality
TOBO-00164Click for more infoCarved bone from a deer antlers1940-1950BonecarvingsVERY HIGH QUALITY
TOBO-00170Click for more infoCarved bone.1940-1950BonecarvingsVery good quality
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