Art from Bali and Indonesia
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Prewar carving done in art deco style, made of Tengoeloen wood. Before 1934
Odd and rare scene. This carving must have been an enormous challenge for the Balinese artist to execute. Therefore one may conclude that this is a unique and uncopied carving. According to the first owner, Emmy Polak, this carving was selected for her on location by the famous Dutch sculptor Hildo Krop. This carving was sold at an exhibition sale in Batavia, former Dutch Indies, in April 1934.(see the photos). Number 13 in the category 'plastiek' /Woodcarvings/ the entry says 'vriendinnendienst'/Girlfriends service/;f 35 (Guilders) In the preface of the brochure, carving number 13 is described as made from the nucleus of the Tengoeloen tree. It also mentioned; "This carving turns more dark after a while and looks then like mahony". This is clearly visible on the first photo. It is remarkable that such a piece can be traced back to the original sales location. No artist name is mentioned though. Pls click on the photo for more photos and info.

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