Art from Bali and Indonesia
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Artwork-code: TOBO-00853
Category: Original Works of Art
Description: Two horn carvings of a pedanda, a Balinese priest
Period: 1930-1950
Comment: Rare objects. Masterly carved, the artist must have a full control and understanding of the material. Most likely carved by I gusti Lanang Djlantik from Iseh, Karangasem. He is depicted with a photo in the book "Bali, ATLAS KEBUDJAAN" Dr Goris and P L Dronkers (4-67). This photo shows Djlantik carving a similar pedanda horn carving. Until now I had never seen such a carving. Please click on the photo for more photos&info.
Height in cm:
Width in cm:
Depth in cm:
Signature present: No signature
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Remarks: In proper condition
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