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Artwork-code: TOBO-00601
Category: Woodcarvings - Pre War
Description: Wooden statue of the Hindu witch Rangda standing on one of her children.
Period: 1930-1940
Comment: Unusual 1930s-woodcarving of the witch Rangda, the personification of evil in the Hindu religion. Rangda is often depicted as an old pregnant woman with long hair and an ugly face. The meaning of Rangda standing on a child- may be related to an old Balinese folk-tale. Here Rangda wants her daughter Ratna Manggali to be married to an important person. However nobody wants to marry a daughter of a witch. Rangda takes that as an insult and wants revenge. She then goes to Durga, the demonical wife of Siwa and asks for advice. She advises her to go to the cemetery Gandamayu and dig up a body of a deceased child, which needs to be offered to Durga.
Height in cm: 41
Width in cm: 12
Depth in cm:
Signature present: No signature
Location signature:
Quality: Very good quality
Remarks: Good condition
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