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Artwork-code: TOBO-00594
Category: Original Works of Art
Description: Prewar Balinese knife used to cut the rice plants Local name; anggapan
Period: 1900-1930
Comment: Very old and used rice cutter. These cutters were used on Java, Madura and Bali. Depending on the wealth of the user the cutter could be simple, but also display decorations, like stylish birds. The Tropen Museum in Amsterdam has many cutters in its collection, but only one where the bamboo piece is placed straight through the handle. Considering the simularity between that one and the ToboArt piece, it is likely that both cutters originate from the same location on Bali; Tenganan, Karang Asem,Bali. The last photo depicts a Javanese girl just after her work in the field, with her rice cutter in her hair.
Height in cm: 6.5
Width in cm: 12
Depth in cm: 9
Signature present: No signature
Location signature:
Quality: Very good quality
Remarks: in proper condition
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