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Artwork-code: TOBO-00577
Category: Original Works of Art
Description: Wooden rice beater, Bali, first half 20th century Local name; panaptapan
Period: 1900-1940
Comment: Antique object from the Bali before 1900. These ricebeaters were used after the harvest to flatten the top surface of a bundle rice arens. The use of these ricebeaters stopped when new types of rice were introduced in Bali around 1970. Probably belonging to a simple Balinese rice farmer; other rice beaters may have a decorated side, and in some cases even a handle carved in the shape of an animal, like a turtle!
Height in cm: 36
Width in cm: 16
Depth in cm:
Signature present: No signature
Location signature:
Quality: Very good quality
Remarks: proper condition
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