Art from Bali and Indonesia
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Woodcarvings - Post War
Wooden statue of a chameleon made by Bali mastercarver I Rangkoes.
Animal carving full of magic. Carved with a lot of skills by animal specialist I Rangkoes from the village Njuh Kuning near Ubud on Bali. A second and similar chameleon by Rangkoes is displayed in the Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud, Bali.(see photo&text) This carving is published in the book by Dr R Goris; Bali, Atlas Kebudajaan, Cults and Customs ,1952. It was selected by Rudolf Bonnet, who must have been impressed of the work by this artist. The inscription 'Rangkoes' ,under the base, was written by Bonnet. Please click for more photos&info on the photo.
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