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5 containers for cock spurs. Local name Kotak Taji
These containers for cock spurs are acquired recently and are part of the collection Kotak Taji.(see Tobo 566) The yellowish Kotak Taji in the shape of Rangda has been preserved remarkably well over the years.

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Cockspur case, local name Kotak Taji. Bali, wood
Top piece in the category Kotak Taji. The colours are very well preserved, as is the overall condition. The owner must have been rich, or maybe of royal descent, because this case could contain 16 spurs. This implies he owned a considerable number of fighting cocks. The figure is Twalen, one of four servant clowns from the Hindu Mahabharata story. The enlarged nose is regarded as a beauty feature on Bali. Provenance; Old Dutch collection. This item is part of the Kotak Taji collection on this site. See Tobo 566. Pls click on the photo to get more info and photos.

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Set of 18 socalled 'Kotak Taji', a wooden box in which the razor sharp knives for the cock fights were kept.
Rare set. Every case has its own carving. The special attention that was given to these cases indicate the importance of the cockspur fighting in Bali. The owner of a good fighting cock could make a lot of money. The origin of these cases was probably to protect the owner from injury because the knives were razor sharp. Pieter van Donk published a book in 2000 with the title; " Indonesian Cockspur Cases". This book provides a lot of detailed info about these cases. This book is included in the sale.
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