Art from Bali and Indonesia
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Woodcarvings - Post War
Two Balinese women with fruit
These elegant carved statues were made for the tourist market on Bali, but the high quality reminds us at a Pita Maha carving. Normally tourist carvings display a rush job, resulting in less detail and poor polishing. Both these features are well taken care off as one can see at the facial expression and fine polishing of the sarong. In fact the face of the right carving resembles the work of the great I Rodja! The loose leaves of the fruit require the utmost skill of a carver. That's why these fruit carvings are rare; few carvers were able to execute these kind of intricate carvings. The carving on the left bears a signature, as shown in the last photo. Pls click on the photo to get more info and photos.
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