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Original exhibition-brochure from 1948 organized by the "Bataviase Kunstkring" (art society in Batavia).
Rare brochure of a sales exhibition of Balinese Art organized by the "Bataviase Kunstkring". Although the Dutch painter Rudolf Bonnet selected the artworks, this exhibition is not under the name of the Pita Maha. This art movement stopped in 1942 due to the war. Significant is the price difference, compared to the brochure from 1937. For a carving of I Rodja the highest price was 95 Dutch Guilders then, in 1948 a Rodja carving demanded a price of 500 Guilders! See the photos of the pages of the brochure. Most likely reason was the enormous inflation of the guilder in the few years after 1945.
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