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Very rare brochure of the second sales exhibition of the Pita Maha in Batavia (Djakarta), former Dutch Indies, in 1937, offering for sale Balinese quality art.
Important time document in the history of Balinese woodcarving. We notice that Ktut Rodja's work demanded the highest price (95 Dutch guilders) for a carving of a seated lady, probably the lady on the cover of the brochure. I Bagus Poetoe Mas is the second expensive with 75 guilders and I Geremboeang third with 65 guilders. These were pretty big amounts in 1937, so the artwork must have been of the highest quality. How Rudolf Bonnet and Walter Spies, the members of the Pita Maha commission, decided on the price is unknown. But, being two outstanding artists themselves, they probably have looked at the quality and the originality of the statue, and the difficulty of the carved subject.
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